The TRUTH about Fractional Reserve Lending and The Federal Reserve

Fractional reserve lending is a practice created by the Federal Reserve that allows banks to lend money based on a fraction of the deposits they hold in reserves. Ironically, the majority of banks hold their Tier 1 Capital (reserves they can’t afford to lose) in permanent life insurance, but they won’t tell you that.

Watch this video as Ron Paul tries to get Ben Bernanke to talk about transparency of The Federal Reserve. And, after all is said Barney Frank steps in and says we should certainly look into what Reagan and Nixon did…

Currently, Bernanke is trying to end minimum fractional reserve lending for banks, meaning they would have NO LIMITS on lending! At the present time, banks may not create any more than $9 in additional loans for each $1 they hold in reserve. However, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke suggests that this may be changed to ANY amount in loans REGARDLESS of what is held in reserve. If this happens, fractional-reserve banking will become zero-reserve banking, and hyperinflation will occur.

All of this was predicted in The Creature From Jekyll Island:

Meanwhile, China is raising their fractional reserve limits:

If you are concerned about your family’s financial future, this is all the more reason for you to create a system of finance that is not dependent on banks or the government. Learn how:

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Barry Page, RFC

Barry Page is a Registered Financial Consultant and helps families to live debt free and create generational wealth. He publishes multiple websites and blogs including this one, and can be reached at

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Barry Page, RFC is a licensed agent and Infinite Banking Coach.

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