Traditional Banking

Do you think your money is safe in traditional banks?

“My friends, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the full faith and credit of the FDIC and the U.S. Government stand behind your money in your bank. The bad news for you, my fellow taxpayers, is you stand behind the U.S. Government.”
L. William Seidman, former head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)

What the FDIC is planning today?

The Bankrupt FDIC is suggesting that state pension funds invest in failed banks to provide the cash that FDIC does not have. These funds are already in decline, yet some state treasurers actually are endorsing the concept. Does the word corruption comes to mind? Read this article from Bloomberg as recently reported in BusinessWeek

When you learn the secrets of the Infinite Banking Concept™, you can protect your hard earned money, recapture the interest you now pay to others and free yourself from financial slavery.

Discover How To Become Your Own Banker:

Barry Page, RFC is a member of the Infinite Banking Concept Think Tank and teaches families and businesses how they can become their own banker utilizing the  Infinite Banking Concept™. He publishes multiple websites and blogs including this one. You can subscribe to his newsletter Financial Intelligence℠ here:

About bankforlife
Barry Page, RFC is a licensed agent and Infinite Banking Coach.

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