Americans Reject Keynesian Economics

What is it that politician’s don’t understand? They seem to think that “we”, the taxpayers that pay their salary, don’t have a say in government. Well, it’s become abundantly clear that American’s are fed up with overspending.

In case you aren’t familiar with Keynesian Economics, created by John Maynard Keynes, the premise is basically “spend more” and “grow government” to improve the economy. On the contrary, at the time of Keynes, there was also Andrew Jackson’s philosophy of Laissez Faire Economics which complemented the Constitution and promoted smaller government.

Another popular economic theory is Austrian Economics, made popular by economist Ludwig von Mises, which focuses on free enterprise. Former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul, also embraces Austrian Economics. Paul compares Keynesian Economics and Austrian Economics

More and more American’s are waking up to the abuse of power by politicians, and they are speaking up. TEA Parties and the 9/12 Project have helped everyday people to get involved and the movements are gaining popularity.

This report displays the distrust that Americans are feeling towards BIG Government:
Americans Reject Keynesian Economics

Stand Up for Your Rights!
Barry Page, RFC

Barry Page is a Registered Financial Consultant that studies economics and its’ impact on families and business. He is an advocate of free enterprise and teaches families how to control their finances and think independently. He publishes and this blog to promote financial intelligence.

About bankforlife
Barry Page, RFC is a licensed agent and Infinite Banking Coach.

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